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  • Virginia Beach Spring Cleaning Ideas

    Spring cleaning dates back to the time when home owners would carry everything outside of the house as soon as temperature became manageable. Carpets as well as mattresses were beat to get rid of the grime that accumulated. The inside of the home was swept and also mopped eliminating the dust and germs that had collected throughout the winter season. Nowadays, the task is easier than it was back then.

    Begin by getting prepared. Develop your game plan and prioritize so to stay on task. If there is alot of junk that you are eliminating from your house, rent a dumpster bin ahead of time so you have got a super easy way of disposal. Begin with the rooms that are your least favorite to clean. Keep supplies in a bucket which can be carried from one room to the next.

    Schedule the big event for a time when there will be some help. Let the kids get involved in tasks which are suitable for them. Ask teenagers and the man of the house to help you with the heavy-lifting. If you be single, find a friend that can help you. You might need to offer to do the same for them the next weekend. Getting assistance often makes the work go smoother and the work will seem easier.

    The cleaning goes a lot faster if you have the right tools. Micro-fiber cloths can help to speed cleaning without just pushing dust around. Use a steam cleaner for floor cleanup that does not require chemicals and leaves no residue. Add an extension wand to your cleaner to ensure cleaning of cobwebs without generating a mess. Other accessories will help to clean furniture or small spaces. The rental dumpster provides loads of space for the junk and other things to be taken from your home.

    Please do not make the project more difficult than it has to be. Microfiber towels can dust and clean surfaces without having to use a cleaning solution. When cleaning hard surfaces such as bathtubs or sinks, apply the cleaning solution allow it ten minutes or so to work prior to wiping down the surface. Add a glass of water to the microwave, heat on high for 1 minute and permit the steam to loosen spills. Use Polident tablets designed to clean dentures to cleanse toilet bowls quite easily.

    Always have a lot of clean rags to prevent streaking surfaces. With micro-fiber cloths, rinse off in water and wring to clean the wet cloth. Shake micro-fiber rags used dry for dusting, hold inside the garbage or plastic store shopping bag and shake to clean. Once the dry cloth can no longer be cleaned by shaking, rinse it in water and use for wet cleaning.

    The secret to minimizing spring cleaning is to ensure your house is kept clean all year long. Squeegee the shower after each use to prevent buildup. Keep up with the weekly cleaning of the house. Line trash cans with a liner everytime they are used. Smaller bathroom containers may be lined with reused plastic shopping bags. When stuff begins to accumulate in your home or garage, call for a rental dumpster and remove pointless clutter. Spread cleaning projects throughout the week with a couple of minutes spent each day to keep your home looking awesome continuously.

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